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Today is July 11, 2014. I uploaded much of the content of this section called "The Activist" yesterday, July 10, 2014. I knew when I did that the subject, Linda Fossen, wouldn't be exactly happy about it. She is really good about dishing it out, but she isn't good at taking criticism of any kind.

For example, she starts here and goes on for tirade after tirade ranting about Beth Murschell, for no discernable reason. She makes libelous claims, and absurd claims, and finally gets to the completely ridiculous, all in an effort to somehow besmirch Beth's name. Obviously, Beth has royally pissed Linda off at some point.

I'll get to that later on, but right now I want to address this:

Linda M Fossen

I got this in my inbox today. I knew she'd get around to me. It was just a question of when and what vehicle(s) she would use.

The truth is, of course, that anyone who "wants to know about" me has only to ask. I haven't hidden anything or anyone. That makes it sort of hard to use me as a target. So Linda has chosen to go after my son, who died in 2006, and his minor daughter.

Let's get this straight, so we all understand it. She's going to get revenge on me by targeting my dead son and his minor daughter.


Nathan Davis

Here he is. Well, when he was very young. Beautiful kid. About two years old there.

Nathan Davis

He grew up. They generally do. And he was still beautiful.

And then he died. August 22, 2006.

But you know what? You don't have to read about him here. He has two entire web sites devoted to his career, his music and his life.

Nathan Davis

This is the main web site. His dad and I manage it. His music is all available there, complete with stories about him, and all the lyrics. Please go listen to some of it. There's a little player right on the front page. There is also a short (very short) snippet of him on the page called Research here on this site.

Nathan Davis

And this is the movie site. Movie site? Yes. A Raleigh, NC based filmmaker contacted us several years after Nate died, wanting to make a documentary film about his life. We were concerned at first that he was a con artist trying to fleece the grieving parents, but he turned out to be the real deal. His name is Dean Garris, and he's professionally known as Deano Pictures.

Other than appearing in the film and supplying Dean with material and introductions to various people involved in Nate's life, we have nothing whatever to do with the movie. We are, of course, fans.

Here's the trailer for the movie:

It's available on DVD at the web site. Everything you could ever want to know about Nathan, including the cause of his death, is in the movie. If you're interested, buy a copy.

Nathan's minor daughter

Really? REALLY? Linda Fossen is supposedly an advocate for people who were abused as children. Is she serious?

I knew she just makes up stuff, and I expected her to start making it up about me, since she has almost nothing of substance to sink her grimy claws into, but this takes the cake.

Linda M Fossen

What sort of person does this?

Those of you who are aligned with Linda Fossen, are you sure about what you're doing?

Just in case you'd like to tell her what you think, her email address is and her Facebook page is here.

And an update:

Linda M Fossen

So she did, in fact, go there. As I predicted she would. This is not the original post. This is the one that was up when I found out about it and was able to grab a screen shot. The original post accused my husband of being a child molester. It was removed within about fifteen minutes of being posted. Apparently, that was too much for somebody over there. And please note that the admin writing this is Linda Fossen, and the person "liking" it is also Linda Fossen. She does this so it will look like the page gets more traffic than it actually does.

Linda M Fossen

And she followed up with this.

She obviously is desperate to get me to come over there and chat a bit. However, since I'm not insane, I'm not going to accommodate her.

What I am going to do is write a little essay about questions and criticism and what that means, since Linda doesn't seem to know.