Weekly Update 11.5.16

There were twenty one posts this week, almost all dealing in some way with the on-going SACS accreditation visit.

This being Halloween week, we know Camille was eager to see if a boogeyman of abuse was going to jump out of hiding to chase the accreditation team away. Maybe the team would stumble, all unsuspecting, over an example of egregious sexism in one of the classrooms. Perhaps fearful students would approach them secretly, begging to be rescued from this campus of inflated grades, falling enrollment, and other unspeakable horrors. They might even run into uncontrolled releases of asbestos.

Instead, Camille posted this:


That must have hurt. After all of Camille’s hard work, SACS agreed that the third party comments added up to exactly . . . . nothing, just as Sally reported earlier.

Of course, Camille had a viable option here. If she felt that Weier misrepresented the SACS statements, if she felt that he twisted their words to say something they didn’t, she could always contact SACS directly and let them know what’s going on.

Instead, the spin has already begun:


Just as we started predicting last year, Camille and company are now going to denigrate the very process they insisted that BJU follow . . . because it didn’t get them the results they wanted. Mark our words, by the time BJU finally receives regional accreditation, in less than two years, the Disaffected will solemnly swear that regional accreditation was never that important to begin with. You heard it here first.


We have, Camille. We have.

This has been Friends of Frances



  1. drfiddledd

    90 comments from 8 people,,,yes folks,,,,8!!!! (I bet we can name them.) It may be less than 8 if we want to consider the possibility of false identities or bi-polar disorders

  2. Sage

    I asked a friend on faculty about what you’ve posted here from Camille’s WUT page. My friend said that what Gary Weier actually said was that the committee took the third party comments very seriously. Those comments were passed on to the officials at BJU so that they had the opportunity to respond to the comments. The committee was satisfied that what the comments said, though true in the past, were no longer how things are being done at BJU currently. The faculty did applaud. My faculty friend understood the applause to mean that the faculty and staff were glad that things are no longer being done as they had been in the past. I guess the school has done what Stephen Jones had as part of his goals – to embrace appropriate change. And that’s good, isn’t it?

    My friend said that there was also applause as Larry Jackson said his final words to the faculty as chairman of the board. He said he hopes that the person leaking info to those who would love to see the school fail would either leave the employment of the school or would be caught and fired. I guess the applause was spontaneous and thunderous.

  3. Music Man

    ” I guess the school has done what Stephen Jones had as part of his goals – to embrace appropriate change. And that’s good, isn’t it?”

    Not unless the appropriate change involves burning the place to the ground. That’s the only change the Dissies will accept. But they’ll complain all day about the school being hateful.

  4. Mostly Lurking

    83 complaints were from Cathy Harris, with each of her personalities filing two complaints, plus one extra from Cathh herself, so she wouldn’t be outdone by anyone.

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