Weekly Update, 10.22.16

Camille had twenty posts this week. Several, predictably, addressed BJU’s supposedly plummeting enrollment and the school’s attempts to reverse the trend. Several more dealt with the demolition of the administration building, which will be the subject of our next post, and a few others talked about BJU’s second annual homecoming, which we’ll talk about in a minute. But we especially enjoyed this post:

sacs2 One faithful subject of the Queen answered:


Apparently, Barbara didn’t notice the year-old date on the post, which indicated that SACS did, indeed, do this. They did have a candidacy visit in the early part of 2016, SACS did meet in June to approve BJU’s application, and now, a year later, BJU is in fact a SACS candidate. Camille hates it, her followers hate it, and they will swear that SACS is making a horrible mistake. But BJU is a SACS candidate. That’s not going to be changed now.

sacs4Sharon, honey, you’re confused. Camille is the one who will not abide the outcome of the accreditation assessment if she loses in her personal vendetta against the school. Nor will you or Barbara, apparently.

And as mentioned before, Camille was especially bothered by the fact that BJU invited “alumni family and friends” to its Homecoming events:


Dear Alumni: per Camille’s note, above, you are hereby NOT ALLOWED to bring ANYONE with you to Homecoming activities on campus. You are not allowed to bring your spouse. Don’t invite your date. Don’t let your fiancée, your children, or your pet dog tag along. Don’t even bring your pet rock! Just come to campus, be alone and miserable for a few hours, and then go quietly home again. The Queen has spoken!

Trust me, the thing that really ticks Camille off about Homecoming is that she’s banned from campus, so she can’t go and spy on the event. Plus nobody voted for her for Homecoming queen. Don’t worry, Camille, you’ll always be the Queen of the Disaffected to us.

This has been Friends of Frances



  1. Mixed Drinks

    Hahaha poor Camille. If only alumni were allowed to go to homecoming then high school stadiums would be very empty for their annual football games.

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