Weekly Update 10.15.16

Frances is posting a little later than usual this weekend because she just got back from assisting flood victims in North Carolina. While there might be a picture of Frances working in a shelter at some point, sadly, pictures of Camille helping any of these victims are completely absent.Camille did, however, have time to make approximately fourteen posts about Bob Jones University, including one that criticized the school for its supposed lack of community outreaches.


(Here’s where Camille posting a picture of herself in community outreach would really be awesome.)

The posts this week were the usual mess of mostly incoherent rambles on off-the-wall subjects, but one theme that stood out to us was Camille’s continued efforts to link BJU to Donald Trump:



And our personal favorite, this comment from one of the loyal Camilleons, which the Queen did not dispute, challenge, or attempt to correct:


News flash, Camilleons: BJU has not endorsed Trump. They’ve said nothing about him. A couple BJU graduates have made comments about him, but BJU, unlike Liberty University, has stayed out of it. Camille has complained, “world without, amen, amen,” about BJU getting involved in politics. Perhaps she should express her gratitude that, in this instance, they have chosen to remain silent on the subject.

But, say the Camilleons, BJU has graduates who support Trump! Doesn’t that prove they learned their misogyny at the university? Isn’t that all the proof you need?

Of course not. Don’t be stupid. Instead, check out this video of someone you’ll probably recognize right away.


Scott Baio is a strong Trump supporter.  His support for Trump, in fact, has been so strong that it earned him at least one death threat. But he is not backing down.  He has even said that he would vote for Satan over Hillary Clinton.

Does that mean that Happy Days, a show set in the chauvinistic 1950’s, was a misogynistic television show? Should we boycott any reruns of Charles in Charge? Should we stop watching anything directed by Garry Marshall, the man behind  not only Happy Days but also Pretty Woman and The Princess Diaries? After all, there’s a case to be made for glamorizing prostitution and treating women like objects, not real people.

No. We’re not advocating any of those silly positions. Scott Baio defending Donald Trump just means that Scott Baio has chosen to defend Donald Trump. And BJU graduates who defend Donald Trump are speaking for themselves, not for the university. BJU has had its problems with misogyny, for sure, but there are millions of non-Bojos out there who are right there with Scott Baio.

And thousands of people still support this other college, including Camille.

This has been Friends of Frances


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