Truth Seeking Graduates of Bob Jones

tsgbannerWhen I first saw this Facebook page, I thought that was seriously the dumbest name for a page in history. It’s awkward and clunky. I had no idea who ran it then.

I, of course, know now.

It’s moderated by Camille Lewis and some shadowy figures that may or may not be real. One is a guy named Mark Moore who doesn’t seem to show up any place much except TSG. I’m not sure what, if anything, he has to do with Bob Jones in the first place, but, as somebody pointed out, he doesn’t generally speak unless Camille is silent.

Over the years, TSG has gradually removed any pretense of encouraging free and open discussion. Nobody can post except the admins. Participants can only comment on what the admin has determined that the subject will be. And the only negative comments that are permitted to remain are those that Camille and/or Cathy want to remain, usually because they believe they can rip the person to shreds and thereby look powerful and smart or something.

So it’s basically a place where Cathy or Camille make observations and other people generally just tell them how wonderful they are or how terrible Bob Jones is.

I’m going to comment on the commentators, right here.

You can comment as well, provided you behave nicely. I hesitated creating a blog format because of the propensity the Queen and her Court have to use fake names and pretend to be people they aren’t. We’ll see how it goes.