1. Option 4

    I guess according to the disaffected and their Queen that it is ok to black other people’s faces, just not your own. And, it is especially ok if the person’s face that you blackface on happens to be an alleged survivor of sexual abuse. And according to the disaffected and their queen, it is super duper ok to black someone’s face if that person is the one who blew the lid off the Tina Anderson case and was instrumental in helping to finally put Ernie Willis behind bars and exposing Chuck.

    JZ, I don’t know what happened to you or where you are now, but you will always be the one that I credit with seeking and obtaining justice for Tina. Well done JZ. Ernie deserved prison long ago. You took this real case to the police and justice was finally served. Did Camille ever thank you for getting her on 60 Minutes with you?

  2. 60 Minutes

    It was ABC News “20/20″ — eventually aired April, 2011. (Once they sobered up Elizabeth Vargas…)

    And, for the record, the only thing Chuck Phelps was guilty of was bad counseling. There was nothing to “expose” as far as Dr. Phelps was concerned.

    Camille K. Lewis played absolutely no – zero- zilch – nada – role in any of this. It was Zichterman and Anderson. Camille K. Lewis just glommed on.

    JZ got a book deal. CKL got bupkis.

  3. Covered Sidewalk

    Option 4, Gregory is correct about it being 20/20.

    This blackface meme that Camille made is particularly offensive. She claims to be this empathetic expert on all things KKK. I suppose I can buy that since she emulates them so well. Because if her claimed expertise, Camille clearly understands how offensice and wrong this meme was and is. Camille you need to publicly apologize didn’t your overt racism.

  4. Music Man

    You just know that Cathy is going to whine and complain that she’s not the one who actually made the meme, which is probably true. Cathy didn’t make it. She just splashed it all over her page without a word of protest. And she didn’t defriend Camille, her racist buddy, or even scold her for it. No, since it was about someone Cathy didn’t care for, it was A-OK. Being racist is just fine if it hurts someone you don’t like anyway.

  5. 86grad

    This is off on a tangent, but I can’t help rolling my eyes at a 50-something talking about “rocking a costume.”

  6. She just splashed it all over her page without a word of protest.

    I don’t know that Cathy ever put that meme on TSG. It appeared on the William Peck page, but I’m not certain it ever appeared anywhere else. And yes, Camille made it.

    However, Cathy didn’t protest.

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