1. Sage

    Oh. My. Word. That is absolutely beautiful!

    To be told that the way you have been spending a huge chunk of your every waking moment is irrelevant has to feel like a slap. I doubt that she will be deterred, though, until they eventually lock the door on her little padded cell.

  2. Option 4

    DOCTOR, yes that’s right DOCTOR Camille Lewis, irrelevant

    DOCTOR, yes that’s right DOCTOR Grant Lewis, irrelevant

    Jeffrey, irrelevant

    Barbara, irrelevant

    Should I list the other 4 irrelevant people? Do any of the irrelevant people or their complaints matter?

    In 18 months, BJU WILL BE accredited. Camille said they would never make it to submit an application. She was wrong. Camille said the application would be rejected. She was wrong. Camille said they would never… She was and is wrong and continues to be wrong.

  3. I have a source on campus at Bob Jone[s] University.

    Good, because I don’t.

    Don’t know who’s writing/posting this – Sally or etc. – but can anyone confirm or deny that Unusual Films has been shut down and that staff/faculty have been let go?

    If you all have details of this, I would be interested in knowing. Former UF friends of mine have suddenly gone quiet & I’d like to know the truth rather than hearing & reading rumors.

    Info would be appreciated. If you would rather email me, please do so at gralea2@gmail.com

  4. Mixed Drinks

    I’m just catching up but I too received the email about Unusual Films.
    I do love the fact that Camille and company are irrelevant.

  5. I’ve started to hear from a few soon-to-be former Unusual Films employees. Not good. Sounds like it was sprung on them. I hope that BJU has a generous severance package for them…

    But, given BJU’s history of un-employing people, I doubt it. Maybe they will help with placement – at least. The very least…

    I am not happy with this. I hate it when an organization (any organization) dismiss long-term employees like this. Some have been there 30+ years…

  6. Brandon Wood

    Of course Camiller Lewis is irrelevant. She is a crazy lady who lives a fantasy life on social media like all the other losers of the world. No one is paying her any attention.

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