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This is what happens when Camille gets schooled on a subject that she thinks she knows a lot about, but it turns out she knows absolutely nothing at all. It happens more often than you might think.

It started out when the school announced that the administration building, which has had structural problems for a long time, was being razed. The demolition was live streamed on the internet, and curious onlookers were able to ask questions and make comments. Somebody asked what would happen to the letters on the side of the building, the big white ones that said ADMINISTRATION down the front of the building. That led to an- um, interesting- set of posts.


Apparently this came as a shock to Camille. Who would have thought that a 70 year old building might have contained asbestos????


And, predictably, Camille was horrified that the letters were being removed by people who were doing it like this


instead of this

acm4And using warning signs like this


Toddlers? What??? There are no children visible in any of those pictures. Camille, if there are toddlers anywhere near that backhoe in operation, they’ve got way bigger problems than just breathing in asbestos.

But no matter. Camille proceeds to get schooled, rather nicely, by one of her readers:


Camille’s commenter is right. There are pages and pages of requirements for working with asbestos, and anyone who does so has to have special training and be monitored while the work is going on. There are also requirements for notifying OSHA and the EPA about the removal ahead of time, permits have to be pulled before the removal starts, and the whole process is monitored pretty closely. But as usual, Camille did about five seconds worth of “research” into the subject before she opened her mouth, and she found out pretty quickly that she didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. One wonders if she even knows what the word “friable” means. Look it up, Camille.

Research has never been Camille’s strong point.

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