1. Neighbor

    Pics inside the fence during a bright sunny day! You have some serious sources on your side. I am impressed.

    I am glad to see that building go. It is new day at BJU in a lot of ways. More change needs to come. But, even I can see it happening, and I have to acknowledge the good things I see.

  2. 86grad

    So this was only one building? At first when I saw this, I thought it was some apocalyptic fantasy (probably by queen knitter), the imagining of the razing of the entire campus. I was straining to identify different buildings.
    And we’ve missed your posts!

  3. Cosmo

    Well there goes Camille’s dream of ruling the campus from the black tower. Maybe she can rule from the House of Pennington otherwise known as the Child Development Center. She is a bit of a developing child. Ha ha ha. On the other hand, her intellectual development seems a bit stunted.

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