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Who is the Activist?

Another self-described childhood sexual abuse survivor, Linda Fossen appeared out of nowhere, at least from where I was sitting, several months ago. I began seeing her comment here and there, and then began to realize that her commentary and activity was almost entirely in the shadow of Cathy Harris (The Victim).

horse shit

If Cathy said it, Linda "liked" it. It got to the point that if Cathy had said she had this for breakfast, Linda would have clicked "like."

So, when the original "Truth Seeking" page went up (Beth Murschell's page, now gone, so I can't provide a link), I wasn't surprised to see Fossen show up, vigorously flinging insults and random accusations around, with little to no fact backing up anything.

Truth Seeking

She was rather rapidly banned, a move I found unfortunate, and one which simply played into her delusions about being victimized. Not being the admin, nor at that time even knowing who the admin was, I had no input into that action.

However, her appearance and vociferousness did spark my interest and I began to look into just who in hell this woman was, and where did she come from? And more importantly, why was she here in this narrowly focused community and who in the world would give a damn what she had to say?

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Linda Fossen appears to have decided to enter the world of sexual abuse advocacy (a cause that is getting really popular nowadays) by first writing a book about her life, accusing her father and brother both of raping her, and then, when she figured out that the legal system was not going to cooperate with her ideas of justice, she decided to go after Prairie Bible Institute.

Linda M Fossen

Linda seems to have been the only person to actually come forward with such accusations, though. She claimed various numbers of alleged victims, around 90, but apart from a handful who did talk with the school or their advocates and declined to press charges, Fossen pretty much dangled in the breeze all by herself.

The school responded by turning over all the information they had to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (the appropriate law enforcement agency) and seems to have been much more cooperative and transparent about the matter than, say, Bob Jones University has been.

Linda M Fossen

Did that satisfy Linda?

Nope. Linda wanted Prairie to hire GRACE. In fact, Linda demanded that Prairie hire GRACE.

Linda M Fossen

Alas, though, Canadian schools and Canadian authorities aren't really prone to the idea of being threatened into hiring obscure American non-profits to do their investigations for them, so they declined. And the RCMP declined to do, well, anything at all.

This pretty much infuriated Linda, who responded with the oddest remark I think I've ever read about justice, at least from an American.

Linda M Fossen

So, with no evidence and no charges, far be it from any convictions of anything, and with no accusers apart from Linda, she wants the school to "identify perpetrators of sexual abuse" and say they were wrong.


That's right. You read it correctly. When I first read this, I thought it had to be one of those instances where a news reporter just totally misquoted somebody. Surely she didn't say that? Surely not.

Linda M Fossen

This is a website run by Linda and another woman named Catherine Darnell. (Linda seems to have found one kindred spirit, at least.) They have expanded the idea of "abuse" to include almost anything you can imagine, from having your hand spanked with a ruler because you didn't do your homework when you were a student fifty years ago to outright rape. They're sort of short on the rape stuff, though, and pretty heavy on the hand-spanking. There's one story of rape , but it didn't really have anything to do with PBI; and a second one involving so-called "recovered memories" (in other words, the alleged victim doesn't really remember any of this at all), but that's pretty much it.

But what is godawful about all this is a link on the website to a page called "The Perps." If you click on it, you go to a page with no information at all. Obviously, whatever was there has been removed. Thankfully. One has to assume that Linda and Catherine found out what libel is.

Linda M Fossen

On the FAQ section of the website, we find the above question, and are told on the preceding page that Linda Fossen answered this. They had listed the alleged abusers names. Without any charges filed, without any real accusers (note that the tiny handful of accusers are called "Jane Doe"), they listed the names of the people who were accused.

And Linda explains why this is okay.

Linda M Fossen

Please read that again, and think about it. This is a woman who thinks that Benny Hinn's fakery is real. But it's okay because she takes it seriously, this business of being judge, jury, and executioner.

Maybe she can be excused because she went to Christian schools for the most part, and probably didn't learn a whole lot about, you know, the American judicial system.

Oh, wait. That's right. Her husband, Gary. Yeah. She ought to know better.

Linda M Fossen

So that leaves us here, where a woman who thinks she's anointed somehow to sit in judgment on people willy-nilly has inserted herself into a community of people from a school she's never attended nor even visited and is busily proclaiming various members of that community demon-possessed, or liars, or evil, or bitches (my personal favorite, having had the honor of having that yelled at me several times).

Linda M Fossen

My only question is "Why in the hell are people tolerating this nonsense?"